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Staying Connected

Do you remember when that meant a postcard home and a 3 day old copy of the Telegraph.
Well it is a very different story today. A VPN is essential to keep you safe when connecting to Public ( hotel ) wifi. It is also very useful when booking flights and holidays and getting past those pesky geographical blocks.
I don’t have a single recommendation, but I do recommend the 4 below. They all have subtle differences that may suit you better.

Nord VPN

  • 😀Best for business
  • 🙁Long contract for best prices


  • 😀No long contract for great prices
  • 🙁Not a Streaming VPN

Pure VPN

  • 😀Best for Streaming
  • 🙁Long contract or quite pricey

Private VPN

  • 😀Zero Logs
  • 🙁Long contract for best prices