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Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

I have owned for over 4 years and can’t fault. In my opinion better than any headphones Ive been offered in business class. Bettered by premium First Class N/C headphones I have tried. But of course these don’t carry a Premium price tag.

The Kindle

I am a voracious reader and normally have a few books on the go at once. 

Personally I prefer a real book to digital, but if I’m travelling light its not an option.

Too much glare from my phone or iPad, which makes the Kindle perfect for me.

Logitech max anywhere mouse

If like me you have to combine work and travel, this is a great addition to increase productivity at the laptop to increase more time on the beach.

Fully charged it easily does me for a couple of weeks and easy to charge. by USB. ( I am actually using this mouse as we speak, creating this page !! )

IClever Kids heaphones

If you are travelling long haul with young children. These are essential. A lot of airlines will only give out in ear disposable headphones in economy. These can be incredibly uncomfortable or even impossible to use for a young child. ( I found out the hard way on a flight to São Paulo, luckily I had my Sony headphones which came to the rescue )

secure wifi for everyone

Connects to the hotel or public wifi or from a single phone. Then creates a secure network for everyone to use.

Keeping you safe and by passing all geographical blocks.

Works with a VPNs listed here

Cable protectors

Most hotels bedding is white, most phone cables are white. Can you see where I am going with this.

Not only will these add extra life to your cables, they will stop you leaving them behind.

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