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Any flight booking you make, should be made direct with the Airline. Even if you see a better deal advertised elsewhere. Just try explaining at a low cost ( or any airline for that matter ) check in that you booked with Fred Blogs Travel and you have an email to show them.

Now I know I am doing a disservice to many excellent booking sites. But the only way you are going to guarantee getting on that plane, is with a booking confirmed by the airline you are flying with.

In fact many airlines will post on their website, that the best price is guaranteed booking direct and even that third party bookings may not be valid.

So how do I book a flight, well first I search…. and for years I have used Skyscanner. A great place to give you price ideas and inspiration. Recently though I am using Google flights as well, they have some great features.

So my advice is search for your flights using Skyscanner or Google. Then go to the Airlines website direct to book.

So what is this page all about, well basically click the button above and it will show you all the latest sales and deals that Airlines are currently offering.

They may just suit your needs or just tickle your travel taste buds.

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