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My Camera

For years I have been amazed at the quality you can film with an iPhone Pro. With my new 15 Pro Max….. I am simply blown away.

With the addition of the accessories on this page. You can see how I turn my phone ( my forever with me camera ) into a pro studio camera, a steady cam and plane spotting rig.

You can buy specific rigs for Android and iPhone. However I have personally gone for the Universal Rig. I find it has more options and also future proofs on phone upgrades.

Universal cage

To add on handles, lights, microphones and more. The first thing you will need is a cage.

When I first used a SmallRig cage with my iPhone14pro. I chose the 14pro specific cage. The benefit to this. Is that it acts a permanent case to the phone.

However I have switched to the Universal and it gives so many more options and it holds my 15pro in its permanent case.

If you scroll down below you will also see combination bundles from SmallRig. That may suit better if you are starting out.

The Handle

Now you really need 2 of these. One that is wireless for shutter control ( this one ) and one simple handle.

Both can be fitted on either side of the rig to suit a dominant left or right hand.

With multiple fittings on the cage. You can position for either vertical or horizontal shooting.

I have been so pleased with the results. Just using the phone this way, gives almost tripod (scroll down for tripods) panning quality on the go !

Please note, prices are usually cheaper buying direct from SmallRig, rather than Amazon. However shipping will be longer. I have found ordering in the UK has been 3 to 5 days from SmallRig

The other handle

For best results you really do need both hands. But you don’t need 2 wireless handles.

This one is a bit cheaper and like its wireless partner. Can be fitted to either side of the cage.

There are also multiple handle options, quick release, lightweight and Aluminium.

Camera Action, LIGHT !!

This little box of tricks is witchcraft I swear.

Multiple settings to give a varied array of lighting options. That can be controlled either from the unit or from an app.

Fits using a standard camera fixing either to a tripod or to your Phone Cage.

Its magnetic as well opening up countless options of fixture, you can also connect multiple units magnetically together to create even more lighting options.

Oh and it even acts as a USB power bank if you get caught short on phone charge.

RØDE Auxiliary VideoMic

Very lightweight so great for the handheld rig. Can be attached to any of the cold shoes on the cage or either of the handles.

To connect to any phone you will need the correct cables ( listed below )

RØDE SC7 TRS to TRRS 3.5mm

The Rode Video Mic comes as standard with TRS to TRS, which is fine for most cameras and camcorders.

However for a smartphone you need the TRS to TRRS adapter.

UGREEN USB C to 3.5mm Jack DAC Hi-Fi Stereo

To complete the connection of the VideoMic you need a 3.5mm to USB C

RØDE DeadCat GO Windshield

I film outside at a lot of airports and beaches. Without my fluffy friend, it would simply be awful.

All-in-One Video Kit Pro

In the Box:
1 x Universal Phone Cage
1 x Tripod
1 x Power Bank Holder
1 x Wireless Control Side Handle
1 x Side Handle
2 x Allen Wrench
2 x Cable Tie
1 x User Manual

All-in-One Video Kit Ultra

In the Box:
1 x Universal Phone Cage
1 x Tripod
1 x Power Bank Holder
1 x Wireless Control Side Handle
1 x Side Handle
1 x RGB LED Light
1 x Microphone
1 x Shock Mount
1 x Windproof Sponge Foam
1 x Furry Windshield
1 x 3.5mm Camera Audio Cable
1 x 3.5mm Smartphone Audio Cable
1 x Microphone Storage Bag
1 x Lightning to Lighting Charging/3.5 mm Mic (in) Cable 
1 x USB-C to USB-C Charging/ 3.5 mm earphone (out) Cable
2 x Allen Wrench
2 x Cable Tie
1 x User Manual

All-in-One Video Kit Basic

In the Box:
1 x Universal Phone Cage
2 x Side Handle
1 x Allen Wrench
2 x Cable Tie
1 x User Manual

Joby JB01510-BWW GorillaPod 3K

This really is a must have in your kit.

Very sturdy will hold a full rig or camera. Will wrap around for multiple fixing options.

Can also be used as a one handed grip for filming. If you watch YouTube a lot, you will see this being used as often as a gimble.

I have never had an issue taking onboard as carry on. So perfect for travelling light.

JOBY Compact Action 61″/155cm DSLR Tripod

A great, sturdy compact tripod. Travels with me quite a lot. Very versatile and doesnt take up that much room.

NEEWER 72 inch Camera Tripod Monopod

Incredibly versatile tripod. Can also be used as a monopod and for overhead filming.

With Centre Column and Ball Head Aluminium, Arca Type QR plate, Bag, Horizontal Tripod, Overhead Camera mount.